All basic prices include a bath, brush out, ear hair removal, cleaned ears, paw/pad hair trim, externally expressed anal glads, clipped/dremeled nails, a hair cut and styling. Topped off with decorations of your choice!

Additional charges may apply due to coat condition, size, and behavior. Prices reflect from 8 to 10 weeks between visits, if longer there could be an additional charge.

If the fur is matted there may be a extra charge of $5.00 – $30.00 according to the severity of the mats.

Some larger dogs may be able to go up to 3 months between a grooming, although it is recommended that they come in and get their nails done every 8 to 10 weeks.


Small Dogs: Under 15 pounds – Starting at $40.00

Shih Tzu: Starting at $45.00

Medium Breeds: Under 30 pounds – Starting at $45.00

Cocker Spaniels: Starting at $50.00

Large Breeds: Under 40 pounds – Starting at $55.00

X-Large Breeds: Under 50 pounds – Starting at $60.00

Aussies/Thicker Coated Dogs: Starting at $65.00

Lab/Golden Doodles: Starting at $75.00

XX-Large Breeds: Over 65 pounds – Starting at $75.00

All prices are decided by the groomer at time of grooming based on the dogs needs.

**Dogs that bite or are aggressive may have special handling charges

*All listed prices are the starting price and will be adjusted by the groomers based on the dog’s coat and grooming needs at time of appointment

** Please note that ALL animals MUST be up to date on their vaccines. Including rabies! If they are not up to date at the time of their appointment we cannot groom them.


Shaving: Price: $50.00 (Includes Nail Trim)

$70.00 (Includes Bathing and Nail Trim)

Nail Caps: Price $35

Walk – In Services

Teeth Cleaning —— $15.00

Face Trims —— $20.00

Nails* —— $10.00

Nails, Anal Glands, and Ears —— $15.00

Nail Polish —— $15.00

Paw Trim (shaving pads and removing hair between toes) —— $10.00

*If pets are difficult or matted there may be an additional charge for the service

Some Paw-rific Pet Grooming’s:

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